Hi there just posting to ask does anyone know the model name of a bronze S series Ibanez? Found one the other day in a music shop nearby for £249 and it looked ok (would change colour) but I've always liked the S series so have been debating getting it when I get some money together. Its pre-owned and had no details as to what model it was.

Doing some googling I couldnt find anything on a bronze coloured Ibanez S so just wanting to know some info on the guitar? I know it has a FR styled bridge, and INF 6 and 7? pickups or something along those lines.
I think with Ibanez, you can work out the model number based on what the spec's of it are, or something along those lines. I'd suggest asking the store for all the information they can give you on it, if you're still confused, atleast with the information you might get, someone might possibly be able to figure out the model number for you to look up.
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I don't believe they make inf6 and inf7. I know that they go up to four, but I may be wrong. So an H-H pickup config, one tone and one volume? 24 frets or 22? I'm usually good about identifying S series guitars but this one seems tricky.
They made the S370 in a copper finish, but that has a single coil in the middle position. Not quite bronze, but you might as well describe it as such.

They came with the TRS-101 tremolo or the ILT1 depending on the year. Neither of these units is stellar but it won't crap out unexpectedly. They are direct swaps for any LFR or OFR, though. Again, depending on the year it'll come with either Axis or Powersound pickups.

Is that the one?
Yeah thats the one, sorry I was bad at explaining it. Wasn't sure on pup's at all couldnt remember if it was H-S-H or H-H etc.

Is it any good then? As said I've always liked the style of S guitars and for the price I thaught a PUP swap to IronGears would do to start if they aint too good.
^Yes! Irongears are really rocking... I have a set of Steam Hammers that I love the hell out of. And if the trem gives you problems just swap it for a Gotoh Floyd (or block it)
That was exactally what I was gonna be getting.. xD IronGear Steamhammer for bridge and neck with mabey a a steel foundry single coil.
I think I may have found a better deal.. what would be "better" quality overall between the Ibanez S370 or a Ibanez RG350DXZ? the S is £250 the RG is £200