Hey Guys. This is an original song I recorded last night. I wrote it for my band. It's just a sort of early demo. I'd like to extend the solo, and it obviously needs structured and mixed better, the drums and bass are just sampled/programmed so they will be a lot better in the final mix, also needs vocals/lyrics...but any other feedback/criticism is appreciated. Cheers.


I really liked the progression. What are the chords?

Are u a radiohead fan?

Btw, whats C4C? (comment 4 comment?)
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Yeah I am a very big Radiohead fan, C4C is crit for crit. So yeah, basically comment for comment. The song starts in A Minor, A minor 7, then D7, and then just G to C but they're extended chords. Don't know the exact names. Thanks for the feedback!
I really like the ideas you have in this song, and I think once it's extended and all that good stuff it'll be really great. It seems like your guitar is slightly out of tune, which makes it sound a tad awkward, but it doesn't matter too much for a minute long demo
I really liked the little piano part in the background, if you were to use that as some sort of a lead melody later in the song that would be fantastic!

Just a note for when you do the final version: bring the drums forward in the mix a little more, they're a bit quiet as is. Overall I really like it

Also on an unrelated note, that picture on the video would make a kick-ass album cover
Oh, I like that. Very moody. I was hoping for more of the melodic lead guitar (also noticed it seemed a tad out of tune though), but really like what there was of it in the clip. The piano sounded a bit dull to me, meaning the tone of it, but I liked it assuming it would be tweaked later. Sounds like it will be really nice when completed.

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