Hi Guitarists,

I am buying my 1st electric guitar. But due to low budget I am planning to focus all my money on getting a great guitar and just get an Amplug for silent practicing in my room.

Later I can save up and buy a nice amp.

Is that relevant or should I buy an amp straight away, even if I have to buy a cheaper guitar coz of that?

Please give me your view with reasons.

-- Saurabh --
The amPlug is very limited in tones. I'd be looking for a cheap (used) multifx (preferably with drums) because you can use headphones with them. Digitech or Zoom is a good place to look.
It's good to focus on better quality guitar.
Amplug is a great thing, even if you'll buy an amp in the future it would be a very practical and useful for you.
I think that buying a great guitar and then saving more money for a nice amp IS a good idea.
Secondly, if you buy a cheaper guitar, it won't be easy for you to sell it in the future...
On the other hand, you can buy a decent amp instead of Amplug, and it doesn't have to be more expensive. Depends on how fast are you able to save enough money for a new amp, playing conditions, ability to sell the old amp then...

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i great guitar will be easier to play and a cheap amp will sound silly, but with the right settings can sound pretty decent with a good guitar. i got my cheap squier starter amp to sound great clean through my PRS SE custom, and they can take pedals quietly pretty well.

a cheap guitar will sound stupid, unless you get really lucky and somehow find one of those rare good ones. a nice amp will sound amazing, but you will only be making an amazingly doinky sound because of the cheap guitar.
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The amp plugs wont be that bad tbf. The multi fx route gets really close to a full on peavey vypyr or something so id just get the amp plug.