Hi guys,

I am building a guitar (see images attached) and want your opinion on the hardware. I have been looking into buying Schaller machine heads, however I have come across a few others that, whilst they have a similar price tag, I can't say I know much about and I know price isn't always a good comparison.

The particular alternatives I have found are available for your viewing here and they are the following three:

Schaller Locking Machineheads 3+3
SPERZEL 3+3 Locking Machine Heads
Planet Waves Auto Trim Tuning Machines (the wild card as I have never heard of them)

Opinions please,


\m/ - I did not build the guitar, the hard work and craftsmanship was done by a man called Antonio Tsai, check out his work.
I think you should go with the sperzels. By the way nice guitar, I wonder how long it took him to do the inlays.
Cheers, I also got a pick guard for my acoustic with similar inlay work. He's amazing...

I should say the headstock is a little thicker than what I see specified for the Gibsons, would 2-3mm extra affect the attachment of them at all.

Thanks for the advice though.

I know it makes little difference but I am looking at a Schaller bridge stop and a tune-o-matic bridge if I can find one.
I personally prefer the look of Sperzel with keystone buttons for 3+3 headstocks, and they work very nicely (have a set on my trusty Cort), but their gear ratio is slightly less accurate than I'd like. I've gotten used to it, though. It's just a matter of settling into new habits when tuning up. Greatly recommended.

Another plus about them is that you can flip them. Meaning you can turn a left-handed tuner into a right-handed one so you can use them as 3+3 even if you can only find a 6 in line set, or you can mix and match for 4+2 or 5+1 setups. Aww yeah!
I've got a set of the sperzel's on my LTD EC-1000, and they work great unless you loosen the locking mechanism too far, in which case it is very easy to cross-thread the locking piece. This happened on my low E string tuner, so now it is no longer locking.
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Thinking of going with the Sperzels... they're a damn sight cheaper... and given that I'm thinking of getting this ; the lower tuning ratio issue is somewhat null and void.

I'll keep you posted on the build; once I've done my shopping for the hardware I'm going to tackle filing the nut slots... should be interesting to say the least.


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Another Sperzel fan here...Quality tuners at a reasonable price. And they have some pretty kick ass colors.
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Good call. Sperzels seem to be the way to go. I've seen several complains on Schaller quality slipping.

Just stringing up and fine tuning the nut slots, wanting on some top grade electronics from across the pint and a custom engraved truss rod cover.

Its looking like I'm gonna finish this by the end of the year.

I'll post some piccys for ya to gander at, at a later date.
OK, so I didnt finish by the end of the year, but I have now completed the heart and soul of the guitar. Its all wired up,/strung up (-1 snapped string)/fired up and sounding oh sooo goood!

I still need to attach the custom Truss Rod Cover, but, as does the guitar, it features in the photos I will upload soon.

I will also attach a list of parts and other such info for your reading too.

This has turned into a building thread more than a machine head thread, but hey-ho; you few are the lucky ones that get to see my amazing guitar! haha.

(ps - on the photo front; i need an easy to use photo hosting site as attaching them does them no justice, any recommendations?)


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