basically at band the other day our old pa gave up the ghost and decided to go on fire (nice) anyway we obvioiusly need to buy a new one but dont have much money or very little knowledge all i can tell you is it was a carlsbro pa mixer with two 300watt 8ohms speakers which still work but unfortunately and this is where our problem comes in the leads to connect them have a xlr on one end and a jack on the other which doesnt seem to be very common these days, i just need some advice or links to either a cheap pa mixer which will work on my speakers or a full pa system that will be loud enough for a rock/punk/ska pub covers band who play reasonably loud all that would be coming out of it are 2 vocal mikes please help we have a gig in two weeks i hope i have provided enough information even if a bit muddled

thanks in advance
okay first, youre in gear building and customizing forum.
and i think you were either looking for (if not, you should now go to) gear and accessories probably. they'll know more.

why is your problem the leads that connect them being xlr-jack?
those types of leads are actually pretty common, and if you do a quick ebay search, you'll find what youre looking for with postage that wont take more than a few days usually.

as for advice, you can always hire a pa from a local company. just search for pa hire or backline hire in your city. the music shops can usually put you in touch with companies like that as well. and thats just temporary, for example, if your gig is paying, you could hire a pa, use the money from the gig to pay for the hire, and the whats left could go towards a new pa.