I'm building a Stratocaster style guitar on my own. I bought the neck from Warmoth however. The neck pocket on the body is approximately 1.33mm to wide. I took the guitar to my local guitar shop (please note that these guys told me they couldn't lower the action on one of my guitars when it was half an inch or more above the 12th fret. I had to doit myself instead.) they said that they could not put the neck on because if the neck is not completely snug it will not work. This is crazy because my 1966 Fender mustang plays just fine and it has about half of a centimeter on each side of space around the neck. How do I set the neck strait and drill the holes on the neck rout in the appropriate place?
Do you have clamps to hold the neck in place so you can mark it and drill the holes with the neck off the guitar??

Wait you said it's too wide? Easy, you will find picks that thick just get one stuck in there and drill away mate
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