Before I start I'd just like to say a big Hello to you all - first time post and all that. Really nice community and I've gleaned some good advice from here. If I can ever be of assistance I promise I will do my best, although I must admit that my background knowledge in these matters isn't great...

I've recently resurrected an early 90's Jackson RR that I've been carrying around since new. The neck came apart at the scarf joint a good few years ago and I've only now gotten round to fixing a new (2nd hand) one. It's a low end model and admittedly wasn't great (no trem, only one colour available - RED), but it was one of my first guitars and I'd like to do a few upgrades just for the sake of it .

Before I fit the new neck I'm gonna be re-wiring. I've dismantled the loom and have discovered that the tone pot is 100k ohm (so it says on the side of the pot). I wasn't expecting this value - I was assuming they would all be 500k on a HH guitar. Anybody know if this is normal and what the implications are of installing a 500k in place of the 100K? The set up was 2 vol 1 tone, which I may alter when I know more.

I'd be grateful for any input...


No that's not normal but replacement is very easy. Just get a new pot and move the wires over to it.

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Cheers for the swift reply JT. I have replacement 500k pots waiting to go in, leftover from a previous unfinished upgrade for something else.

I was wondering if anyone might know why they installed the 100k? What will be the effect of replacing the 100k with a 500k?

It's no big deal, really. If it sounds sh*t then I'll get a 100k to go in. Just curious...
cheers for the link Twidler...I honestly can't remember how the guitar sounded in the first place...time will tell.

cheers all...