So I bought this gibson cleaner so when i restring my guitar next I can, well, clean it . It came with 4 things, A Low Abrasion Metal Cleaner, Restoration Finish Cream, a Premium Fretboard Conditioner, and 2 cleaning clothes.


1.) It says the restorative finish cream is for 'removing dirt and oil that can accumulate on a nitrocellulose finish of your guitar.' I can use this on any guitar right, cause I have no idea what a Nitrocellulose finish is.

2.)the low abrasion metal cleaner, I can use that on my frets, Pickup covers, etc? Cause my Sheraton II's covers and shit are all tarnished and fading.

TL/DR: if something says it cleans a nitrocellulose finish, how do I know if my finish is that? ANDDDD I can use low abrasion metal cleaner to remove tarnish from gold hardware.

SOrry if these are noob questions, I have never cleaned my guitar like this before.
1. If it is designed for cleaning guitars, I wouldn't worry about it. I can't see something like that damaging your guitar. According to Wikipedia, lots of older Fenders and Gibsons use nitrocellulose finish and it is still used today.

2. If it says it's a metal cleaner, go for it. If it's metal, it doesn't matter. While I don't really know what it would do to the wood on your guitar, they probably already thought of that and I would imagine that it wouldn't really damage anything. Just as long as you don't get globs of the stuff in your pickups, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Gold is also a metal.

Personally, I would just use a lint free cloth and just wipe it down. You don't even really need moisture, although the tarnished metal might need something more.
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