Hi guys,

I've tabbed a song out which I want to upload. The song is composed by Ludwig Göransson for the television show Community. The full version of the song can be downloaded from his website.

When I try to submit the tab, UG states that ludwig goransson is not in the database and if it is a signed artist I should submit a link below with my tab.

2 Questions:

1. I'm guessing television signings do not count, but then again Ludwig is not UNSIGNED. What should I put in the artist field?

2. Because the tab is in GuitarPro format, I cannot include a link in my tab below. Would I need to re-edit the tab and include it within the GuitarPro file somewhere or is that just an error on the site that was looked over?

NOTE: I'm not sure what forum this would go under. I tried the New Members Q+A subforum a few days ago but nobody has replied... so trying my luck here.