i know this type of question is basically flooding this thread but im 24 and have recently taken up guitar and i gotta tell you its pretty damm difficult, like squeezing blood from a stone difficult. theres an excercise called the caterpillar and ive been doing this for three weeks and i still cant get the hang of it i can get through it maybe three times on the e, a and d strings the gbe strings i got through it once (and im still getting buzzing and muting sometimes). the thing thats stuffing me up is the ring and pinky fingers. also chord changing is still pretty difficult after two months i can get e to c to g and basic ones but going from e to d is pretty difficult. i really want to learn it the guitar as quicm as possible so is there any excercises that can help with dexterity of the ring and pinky fingers. also i know people say anyone can learn guitar but is that more like an extreme generalisation when in fact only a select few have it in them. the main thing that peeves me off is that one of my favourite bands kings of leon, they started learning to play the guitar then pretty much a year later were playing mollys chambers (i know its a pretty simple song) on letterman.
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when i first started learning i couldn't change chords well and my pinky was pretty much worthless. nowadays, in the small town i live in i'm probably one of the best guitarists (said by a number of people) and i like to think i can play guitar pretty well.

it isn't true that anyone can learn how to play an instrument. everyone has the physical ability to play it but it's the ones who have the actual determination and love for music that actually excel at the instrument. if you're playing to get laid, you're not going to get very good very fast, unless you can't get laid otherwise...
Practice. Practice until you die. You'll always have problems, and there will always be a solution. And I'll always be able to tell you what that solution is, because that solution is to practice. Just ****ing practice, man.
yeh im not doing this for the ladies im doing this because i want to be able to play music, its just so damm difficult
try learning simple songs. just being able to play something simple is often enough to spark that love for playing
i play a coupl o of basic songs like kol song and a couple of flight of conchords songs, but sometimes it feels like im getting better then sometimes i feel like im getting worse
i had problem with fingering too, i found Petrucci's Rock Discipline exercise useful.. simple exercises at beginning.
Don't worry about crap like the caterpillar exercise yet, it sounds like you're trying to do too much at once.

Just focus on the chords for a while, get your hands used to the guitar, get the hang of picking the strings cleanly a nd get a few songs under your belt.
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its just the book i have has that before the chord progressions
I have no idea what the caterpillar is but look up some warmup exercizes to improve your dexterity and get to work on chords. When you start playing guitar you know nothing and as a result cant play anything. Learn something simple and even if you cant play it right away keep practising it and doing exercizes and youll get better but dont limit yourself to much to an order of doing things. I started playing guitar just after I turned 23 and I would only practice for about 1 hour a day but only cause I ran out of things to practice. I then learned that there are tonnes of easy yet useful things to learn on guitar. Now I play 3-4 hours every day(the next three days will be more like 6 thanks to the bank holiday) and I know that in some way or another Im improving every time I play. Also when youre just starting it gets easier quite quickly.