Could someone tell me the tonal characteristics of indian cedro. Thats what my friends jackson is made out of and im trying to help him find a replacement pickup. I've played on the guitar and it seemed to be lacking in output and highs. I was thinking about putting a Dimarzio evolution in it.
Ceder wood is a subspecies of mahogany
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mou

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If it's similar to Mahogany then I would avoid the Evolution. I had an Evo set in a mahogany bodied guitar and I didn't like the tone much at all. But that may just be me.
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i've heard it was a lot like mahogany too. Im still confused with what pickup to put in it because emg hz isnt cutting it. He mainly plays metalcore to hard rock an has a 6505 112.
Try a Seymour Duncan Distortion (SH-6/TB-6), it's a very good pickup in mahogany.
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