I don't get a life,
I let life take me
No plan,
just fly with time
become an old man.
Read my wrinkles,
I've smiled alot
and mourned,
but I've forgot
And does it matter
when I say goodbye?
I'll die nonetheless
with the same wrinkles
on my face,
telling you
that life
have been
smiling too.
Untill then, life says...
Empty tankard! Empty Tankard!
this is really great! just minor grammatical errors
it should either be "but i forgot" or "but i've forgotten"
also it should be "life has been smiling..."
and until only has one L
the end kind of leaves the reader hanging, which im sure is what you meant to do, but i think it could be stronger.

good work!!!
Kind of reminds me of The Cat Empire's 'Wine Song'.

"Cause I'm gonna die, with a twinkle in my eyes. Cause I sang songs spun stories loved laughed and drank wine".

Also, well done on using free verse. It's a lot more liberating eh?