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Holy **** that body is Stunning.Are you going to put pickup rings? Because that would cover the slip. Really IM LOVING THAT body...

he just said that

thats awesome and that wood really matches! can't wait to see it done! btw are you making your own rings ore buying and what finish are you doing?
Yep, I'll be using mounting rings. I bought some cream plastic ones from Stew Mac, but they're pretty much orange and probably won't match this guitar - I need to have another think about it. I would love to use a dark, dark brown with the same colour for the binding, but I have no idea where I would find that.

Anyway, slightly more progress (this is definitely an incremental build). The pickup cavities re-routed using a finer 1/4" bit:

The patch got torn out by the router, but I'm not going to try to fix it now. The ears taken through:

The pickup cavities are about 5mm further forward than they should be, but it's not a big deal as long as I know about it. I'll just have to make the neck 5mm longer, and move the bridge 5mm closer.
No real reason Explorerbuilder, other than lack of planning and foresight. It's hard to anticipate mistakes without ever having made them - luckily this is fairly minor as far as mistakes go. It's all part of the learning curve, I'm sure there will be a hundred things I'll do differently on the next build.
Alrighty, neck-building time. After thicknessing the end of the neck blank to around 18mm, I marked out the neck angle and started work with the handsaw. Ripping through 100mm timber by hand is not a fun task, but I managed to keep it fairly accurate by taking my time:

Then sanding it so the saw cuts don't show in the join:

And finally gluing the bastard together:

More (and still incremental) progress:

The scarf joint, out of the clamp:

Truss rod channel routed:

There was a slight bow in the straight guide I was using, so it moves about 0.5mm in the middle, then back to the centreline at either end. It shouldn't affect the mechanics too much. Then test-fitting the truss rod:

Perfect! Now to figure out how I'm going to drill the hole at the nut...
nice work mate, looking good.

If you have a small chisel, you could get the drill hole started, just so the drillbit has a 90˚ platform and isn't trying to go in at the 15˚ headstock angle ?

Also I have the same glasses and earmuffs haha
What an impressive build. Good job man. Ive been routinely checking in to see how things are going. I think I can speak for more than myself when I say Im eager to see the finished product.
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Gandalf, I guess great minds think alike; after posting last night, I did exactly that. First I had to device an incredibly expensive and complex mechanism to mark the base of the truss rod channel on the headstock:

Which works like so:

The recess marked and cut:

But that's enough guitar for now. Right now it's time for:

Here's a simple recipe to drill a truss rod without leaving those unsightly chuck burr marks.

***NOTICE: Do not use this at high speed. The drill bit is not secure, and could fly out at any time. Adult supervision is advised.***


One 1/4" (or your own flavour) drill bit, with the end ground flat

One pre-loved bolt with the head removed. Here's one I prepared earlier:

Some people go for new, shiny and straight bolts, but I love the rustic look that comes with a beaten-up old piece of steel. First step: straighten the bolt. I recommend using a spanner or crescent for leverage:

Next, you'll want to drill a centre mark in the end of the round, like so:

Then, using the pre-ground drill bit, put a big ol' hole in that sucker. The deeper the better! (As long as you can still see the cutting flutes sticking out the end). Most people will want to keep this concentric with the bolt, but I love the thrill of a wobbly drill bit spinning at 2000rpm, so I put a bit of a wander into it:

Using a hacksaw, cut a slot in the bolt end the same width as the flat portion of the drill bit. Once you get fed up with trying to keep the blade straight, switch to an angle grinder and demo that bitch. Clean up and square off with a file. Your bolt should look like this:

Finally, clamp that beast up tight, locking the drill bit in place:

Bon Appetit!

I hate to agree with Explorerbuilder, but he is right

That may have been a long, roundabout way to fashion a tool that possibly could have been bought elsewhere, but I'm pretty impressed with the ingenuity and machining skill it took to create a tool like that. Craftsmanship is right on par with the rest of the build!
Haha that was my original plan - I picked up an extended 6mm bit from placemakers (and it was $26), but it really needed to be 1/4" for the truss rod, which they didn't stock. I enjoy making things, regardless of how redundant they may be, so it was 20 minutes well spent for me.
placemakers suck my bawls ! mattocaster99, Lightbluemk2, and Explorerbuilder, well you bawlbags CLEARLY don't enjoy the the thrill of a wobbly drill bit spinning at 2000rpm, so you can GTFO!!! hahahar harr. harrr. hope y'all getttit. [notserious[/end]
Just a quick update for now. After making a couple more templates and marking out the shape, I got the neck cut out with the jigsaw:

I was a bit worried about the scarf joint at first, there were some pretty large gaps at the edges. But it turns out I needn't have worried:

It took me a few seconds just to find the seam; I'm pretty happy with that!
I'm holding off final shaping of the neck until I get the fretboard made up (and I need the blank to arrive before that). Although a second measure told me that the pickup cavities are actually exactly where they should be, I want to make sure that the fretboard will fit between the nut and the mounting rings before I set the neck in.
I jumped on here to ask you what you were planning to do with the headstock shape, and that was the first pic I saw. so thanks for answering in advance... with pictures even!
looks pro man.
Gandalf: Meths it is then.
Tony and JCG: thanks, so do I. I'm not dying it, so it'll be the gold poly finish I posted previously. I'm now thinking white binding and pickup rings, which should be a good contrast against said lacquer.

Also, good news everyone! I got a parcel in the mail today:

Oh, and this turned up as well:

So on to the fretboard! Measured and marked and measured again:

Then shallow cut to mark the positions:

I also finally got to fit the truss rod (a 4mm allen, as opposed to the 1/4" hex I showed before):

And sure enough, I ordered the wrong-sized binding, so it'll be another order to Stew-Mac soon. These shipping bills are killing me - if anyone knows of a better place to get binding, please enlighten me.
#111, the shippings $6, I've also got a roll that I'm not using which I can post to you

Yeah I've got a few parts from them and their flat shipping rate is pretty good, but their bindings aren't deep or thick enough. I'm after .090 x 0.565" to completely enclose the maple around the horn - I can't stand guitars which have the bottom of the maple cap showing under the binding, it looks cheap IMO.

Thanks all the same.
Check ebay.
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
Taking an Internet break for a while, will come on when I can.
Quote by Boysie8
Yeah I've got a few parts from them and their flat shipping rate is pretty good, but their bindings aren't deep or thick enough. I'm after .090 x 0.565" to completely enclose the maple around the horn - I can't stand guitars which have the bottom of the maple cap showing under the binding, it looks cheap IMO.

Thanks all the same.

I coouldnt agree more.
You can use the binding off, and for the gap that will be left in the bottom, soak some offcuts of binding in acetone overnight to melt it into a paste, brush some around the area where the gap is to soften it, then pour in a little bit of the melted binding mix.

Google ' guitar binding goop acetone', I think it'll help you out a lot

Hope you Chch boys are all good, (or maybe you've been naughty so santa brought you some silt for christmas) but nah yeah thats pretty ratshit, hope you're ok, and get power back on soon.

Lame inappropriate jokes aside, You're neck building skills are pretty ace boysie- I'm following this real closely as this is the area of my build I have the most uncertainties about.
Hey man I'm sure you're somewhere else, but hope any family and whatnot you have here in chch are all sweet, bit of a shite way to start the holidays! Glad none of my guitars got knocked around!

Cheers Gandalf. I'm back home in Timaru now with my family, but I've got plenty of friends in Christchurch who are basically back to square one now. All the best to you as well, LBMk2. Thank God your guitars are still alright - small blessings I guess.
It's been a week of stopping and starting, but I've made small amounts of progress here and there. First up was the neck pocket. I had an issue with a new spiral-flute router bit slipping down, but luckily it'll be hidden when the neck goes in. Otherwise no major issues:

I also got a bit done on the neck. First up I chiselled the heel down to shape:

Then after dividing the edges into quarters, I gave the heel and headstock transition a rough shape with a rasp:

And took the rest down with a spokeshave:

Rinse and repeat:

Then evened out with the scraper:

There's still a lot of work to do on it, but it seems to be heading the right direction.