Blake and Sean, I'm still gonna get back to you for the last one.

Covering the Monuments

I listened to the dead all coming home
last night, and that's why I called.

You don't have to get here soon
just soon enough.

They didn’t mean to,
but they showed me
I’m invisible inside—their shadows
dig around in the flood lights
but never find anything to haunt.

You get used to them
after a little while.

So I stopped looking for ghosts in pictures
and I stopped listening at the door
and I stopped checking under the bed.
They told me it stays dark all the time.

I began to think how crazy the wooden people are
and how wooden the sane people are and how funny it is
that they cover statues with sheets before they’re revealed
and we cover bodies in sheets to hide disfigured faces
and they cover furniture in sheets to keep it from fading
and we cover children in sheets to make them invisible
and we cover ourselves in sheets when we sleep and I started to believe
that even when you were around we were spending nights
talking and kissing ourselves to sleep alone, touching each other
but only feeling the backside of our own skin,
wandering our bodies in a trance, bracing against the cave-in,
and god, it gets lonely when you know it like this, and when
no matter how they might try
they never find anything.

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Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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