I tried to made a song and well it was really awful. So, I wanted to ask you, does composition and songwriting can be practiced? If I try to make as much songs as possible, I will improve? or how do you practice your songwriting?
trying to write more songs hasn't made my songwriting better so much as it's given me the ability to recognize crappy ideas earlier. learning new music theory ideas (maybe a scale you haven't used much?) and thinking about why your favorite songs are so good will improve your songwriting.
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I would work on improvising and phrasing over backing tracks. Record yourself, listen back and see if there is any idea, phrase or riff that you played that you would like to expound upon. The beginning of many of my own compositions have started by some sort of improv and something catching my ear.
Listen to music and find cool things in it that you like. Analyze and figure out what it is that makes it so cool. Boom, now that thing is added to your "vocabulary."