Hey all, I have a Jay Turser Les Paul style guitar, and I'm so sick of the same old tone. I want some new pickups, but don't know what kind. I like to play alot of different genres such as southern rock, 80's hair metal, 70's rock, like Thin Lizzy. But then, I like to play things like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, Guns n Roses, etc. So, I was wondering, what kind of pickups would you guys suggest me getting? Humbuckers by the way haha. Also, I love a good warm clean tone as well, but I like a real heavy low end for my distortion, but I want them good for soloing too. I know kind of a hard combo, but I really need your opinions! Thanks guys, warriorXT96 signin out
can't go wrong with the Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB in the bridege, zebra style
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Hey guys, checked those out, those EVH's Sounded good, as did the Sh-4, but I'm looking for a little more diversity.