I have two amp setups that I'm planning to use:
1- I've got a Traynor YCV 80 (extension cabinet output at 4 ohms). I used to use a Custom Audio Amplifiers CAA 2x12 cabinet with it (8 ohms). I've done that for 3 years without any problem.
Now I'm planing to use a Line 6 412s-b (4x12) as a cabinet with my YCV 80, the cabinet set at mono, 8 ohms.
2- I've got a Peavey 6505+ head with matching 4x12 6505 cabinet (16 ohm) - head set at 16 ohms. I'm planing to add to it my Custom Audio Amplifiers CAA 2x12 cabinet (8 ohms) above, along with my 4x12 6505 cabinet (16 ohm), and set my head at 4 ohms.
Is this the optimal way to use my gear ?
Many thx for your help !