I've got a couple of ideas for this, but I'm interested as to what you guys think about this situation. I've got a progression with a few sus chords in it, and it's got some key center shifts that require more of a chord-by-chord approach. The song is Mystic Brew, and the particular version I'm working on is done by Vijay Iyers. Here's a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMiztisz5lk

The chords are as follows:

|Bmaj7 Bb7sus4|Eb6 Abmaj7|Gbsus4 Emaj7| *repeats

What approach would you take to solo over this?
the 7sus4 chord has included 4 notes of the pentatonic scale (only the m3rd is missing). So I'd use a minor pentatonic scale over it. It implies minor pentatonic because of the minor 7th interval.

The Gbsus4 chord can imply both major and minor pentatonic. Combing these 2 scales (Gb minor pentatonic and Gb major pentatonic) could make for something interesting.

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The chords are right, though I'd start on Eb6 and end on Bb7sus4. The progression makes more sense that way considering the harmonic rhythm.

Eb6 - Abmaj7, use the E Major scale.
Gbsus4 - Emaj7, use E Lydian, again because of the harmonic rhythm
Bmaj7 - Bbsus4, my ear tells me to target chord tones D sharp and Ab (major 3rd and b7) respectively.

It's a personal thing though, but that's how I'd approach it.

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|Bmaj7 Bb7sus4|Eb6 Abmaj7|Gbsus4 Emaj7|

i suggest you start with intervals instead.

|D=3rd D=3rd| Db= 7th C= 3rd | Cb=4th B=5th |

here are some target notes with minimal movement

now you can decorate them like this

|9th=C and 5th = F | root =Eb 9th =F then Eb = 5th and Dx = #11 |

finally Db=5th then C#=6 and A#=#11 |