So last October my band broke up. Basically we all didn't really like each other or the music we wanted to play. Over time we became friends again and have since formed our own bands except for one of the ex-guitarists.

He has left his gear at our vocalist's old house (he doesn't live there anymore) and it has been over a year. We've joked about just taking and selling it/using it for our new bands but now we've been contemplating actually going through with it.

We've told him multiple times to come pick his stuff up and he has said he would but it has never happened.

I'm not asking for a legal opinion, because I've already looked that up. I'm just looking for more personal opinions about what everyone here thinks.
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Set it outside and tell him where it is.

Good advice. If he wants it he will come get it.
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Tell him it's taking up your space and you can't keep it for him any longer. Tell him you're going to sell it if he doesn't collect it or make genuine arrangements to deal with it.
You're in Michigan... I'm in Michigan... just leave the door unlocked and I'll make sure his stuff gets "stolen" and you get a bit of whatever I make selling it
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Be a buddy and drive it to him?

This. Take it back to him. Be a bro.
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This. Take it back to him. Be a bro.

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Imagine if someone sold off your gear without realizing...

Exactly, so behave and give it back to him

Well, this really.

But if you're really sure he isn't going to come and get it or he doesn't want it, and it's really inconveniencing you, then give him a deadline and say you'll put it up for sale.
Don't sell it, but use it for new bands if you want. If he's left it there for a year he obviously doesn't care about it that much, and if he does care about it then seeing other people use it will make him come collect it.
It's a win-win situation for you because you're either getting new gear or making him come pick it up.

Just wondering, what exactly is the gear?

Is he that far away? Just take it to him..
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First of all: What gear IS it exactly?

In any case, take it back to him if he can't come by