I use two amp/effects setup.
Morley AB Box
SIDE ONE - Metal:
(Head: Peavey 6505+)
a) Loop: TC Electronics G Major in BBE 362
b) Front: Dunlop ZW Wha in EH Big muff in Digitech Synth Wha in HW TL-2 in MXR Wylde Overdrive in VS Jekyll and Hyde in Boss ML-2 in Keeley DS-1 in Line 6 ubber metal in Boss RC-2
SIDE TWO - rock, hard rock:
(Combo Traynor YCV 80)
Dunlop wha in EH Mini Q-Tron in VS Route 66 in Keeley Java Boost in Boss BD-2 in Fulltone GT-500 in MXR Doubleshot Distortion in EH Metal Muff in Boss GE-7 in Marshall Vibratrem in MXR EVH Phase 90 in Boss CE-5 in Keeley DD
Is this the optimal way to organize my effects ?
Many thx,
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The optimal way to organize your effects would be to simplify a bit. Do you really need 400 wahs and distortion pedals?