When you want to transfer files from your iPod to PC, what software would you like to use?
There are two wonderful transfers to help you to solve the problem.

The first is iPod Transfer, which is an excellent tool designed for iPod users to transfer files including music, video, images, PDF, ePub, etc. This transfer has a visible advantage that it can transfer files between iPod and PC as well as many other players. So you can also transmit your iPod files like music, movie, Pictures, TV Shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, Ringtone, Voice memos, Camera shot, etc to computer or iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTunes. It is a powerful tool to help you to backup your SMS or contacts in case you may need again later.

The biggest advantage of this transfer is that it can not only transfer general files but also convert Blu-ray, standard DVD, or general files to iPod. Moreover, it even can create iPhone ringtone by converting DVD or video files to iPhone ringtone M4R. So you can set up your own ringtone according to your interest.
When you use this product, you will be amazed to find that it has such a fast speed that you need to wait just a moment to get the completed files.
There are several steps to follow for you to transfer files from iPod to PC.

Step 1: Download and run this iPod Transfer. After that, load your files to transfer.

Step 2: Load files you want to transfer from your iPod.

Tip: You need to select the type from the category-list on the lift window. You can hit “All” icon to show all your files.

Step 3: Click the icon to select the destination for the output files. For example, you can choose the computer desktop as the destination.

Step 4: Click “OK” to finish the work.

Tip: Click this icon , and you can transfer files in the opposite direction. That is to say, you can transfer files from PC to iPod.

Besides the front one, you can also use iPod to PC Transfer to transfer files from iPod to PC. It is also an excellent tool and also can export iPhone movies, songs, photos or ringtones to PC. Compared to iPod Transfer, its unique short point is it only play the role to transfer files from iPod or iPhone and so on to PC, but not from PC to iPod. However, it won’t affect its wonderful functions to help you solve transfer problems.