Hey guys, I'm a guitarist and I'm looking for a vocalist and a drummer that can record/compose their on music in partnership with me, I have some material myself, some riffs, beats and stuff, I can do both lead and rythm, but if some other guitarist wants to join it's completely ok.

I'm mostly into Heavy/Trash Metal, like Megadeth, Testament, Judas Priest and Iron maiden. So you can imagine what kind of music I come up with.

P.M. me if you want to listen to some of my stuff.

thx UG.
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Well dude, you're asking for a Drummer and a Vocalist on a Guitar site. There aren't many drummers on here, even fewer that have good recording quality. Then for the vocals, you're wanting to play an extremely demanding genre on vocals, Iron Maiden having had one of the best frontman in metal history.