Hey, I've made a composition on Guitar Pro and was wondering if it's possible to export the tracks to my DAW?

If someone could tell me exactly how I can do that it would be really appreciated.


By the way I want the individual tracks to show up on the DAW, not the whole thing.
you'd have to bounce it and import it into your DAW. bounce as a midi track or audio
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Go to file > export > MIDI, then import it into your DAW.
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Quote by reincarnator
Go to file > export > MIDI, then import it into your DAW.

This. Choose "import tempo from MIDI file" if applicable. GP has a tendency to export blank duplicate MIDI tracks that, for some odd reason, contains the pitch bend data. Might want to consolidate those into one track (easy in Logic, haven't much tried it in other DAWs).

Also, be sure to go into the MIDI Event List (or something similar) in your DAW and remove all the useless control data that GP exports. Otherwise it will screw with the playback and possibly effects settings.
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