Hey, guys.
Built my very first acoustic Diddley (not the classical 1-string version though, this one has 2 strings).

This is my first one and therefore I have no experience playing a Diddley whatsoever. So this is purely a video for sound testing purposes. I kinda like how it sounds without amplification - raw and buzzy.

What are your thoughts?

diddley bows are the best. glad you gave it a shot
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SWEET! You stated you didn't know how a real bo sounded. They sound just like that! Great job dude! Nice playing by the way. Great to hear someone who's not tone deaf playing one.
Now you need to make yourself a cigar box guitar, a cardboard box bass, a suitcase drum and a wood stomp box. Be a one man band.
Nice! I never got around to taking any video of mine, and then it fell apart...oh well, I'll build a new one sometime lol. They're so fun to play around with!
That's pretty awesome, I built one with a skateboard, a bass string, 2 single coils, and some bullets
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