i kip trying stretching exercises. at first it improve. now its dont stretch. my hands r realy smal ima girl. n my fingers refuse to comfortably rest on the end of 2nd n 3rd frets on higher up the guitar neck. wat hapens is 2nd n 3rd seem to be atracted to one another. but on the lowest frets its actualy ok.
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Just to clarify:
Your fingers are fine on the lower frets e.g. frets 1-4,
but you're having difficulty higher up the neck e.g. frets 12 onward?
Not sure what you are trying to say, but if I did understand it correctly, I can tell you this...
The ring- and middle finger can't move completely independent from each other, and sometimes doing 1-3-5 (holding 3 frets that have a fret between each fret) patterns around the neck can be quite tricky.
All you need is to practice until you find a comfortable way of doing it.