For the last two days, I have been able to plug in my elec guitar to my Sonic Stomp to my amp and at night have it work perfectly. For some inexplicable reason the next morning when I plug in, turning on my Sonic Stomp cuts my volume by 99%. Tried it with two amps, identical results two days in a row.

if you are using it with a battery then it might be dead. otherwise it may be a bad solder connection. could it be the chord?
Power adapter, cables are good - everything works perfect when the stomp is off, even when running the signal through it. I assume this means that the bypass is functioning.

The Sonic Stomp is 6-8 months old, bought it new and this is the first problem I've had with it. It's still under warranty but I've lost my sales receipt. I emailed BBE Sound but haven't heard back from them.

EDIT: I just tried plugging in a different stomp box, a distortion, and having the same issue. I tried it with two amps, different cables, different power adapters, all with the same results.
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