I've been using 11s on both of my electrics for the past year now and love the way they sound. I especially love them for hard/blues rock and slower stuff. However, I've never been able to play faster stuff with them as accurately or as easily as with 10s. So I am thinking about switching back to 10s and making it easier on myself. I feal dumb though becuase I just took my electrics into the shop a few weeks ago for their yearly adjustments/tune ups, and had them put 11s on as usual. This thought only came to me within the last few days and I was wondering whether or not adjustments needed to be made when switching to a lighter string guage. I'm really only familiar with adjustments needed when switching to heavier strings due to the higher tension. I'd prefer to not have to do anything to the guitars since I just took them into the shop to get work done on them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
the neck will relax a bit.

and a trem would probably need to be balanced.

both things can be fixed easy enough if you pick up buzz that transmits
through the amp.

just post back if that happens and i'll explain it.

swap one string at a time.

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One of my guitars has 12s and high action for slide and the other has 11s and low action, recently been playing mostly the slide guitar, even for standard playing, and picked up the regular one after like, 2 months, and I'm overbending like crazy.....but I do find myself much faster, after a few days I'll be back in the game like normal again, after getting used to the 11s again.
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