So i am debating getting a new amp soon but need help. I currently play in a sludge-y...post-y....black metal band, and play a Sovtek Mig-100h. I really like that warm marshall tone. I want something with two channels though. and multiple outputs for an extended cab. I have a guy that is willing to trade my mig 100h for his sunn model t reissue plus 700 cash. I am also debating an orange of any kind, or a soldano. Any help or input would be appreciated.

I can't tell you if that is a solid trade or not. I didn't think those reissues would command that much cash but what do I know. You can however use the link in my sig to look up similar gear and see what the going rates are. That will help you make a better comparison.

Are you in Seattle by chance? I am not, but I noticed some amps on the Craigslist there - not sure if you saw them. A couple of DSLs, JCM 800, JCM 900, JSX, Ampegs, Peavey Ultra, 6505+, 5150, Carvin Legacy, etc.

But if you have your heart set on a Sunn Model T - I understand

Also do you have a Mig100 or Mig50?
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Electric Amp Green Amp. This is the holy grail of sludge amps.

Your welcome
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i wish i had 3 grand for an electric amp. but yeah theyre incredible. i dont really want a marshall. i feel like to get what id want out of them, id eventually have to do a good bit of modding, which i personally cant do, so it would wind up costing me more money. plus every marshall i have played has been hit or miss. I owned a 5150 once and it was okay, just not the tone i think im looking for. of course...i did have the 2x12 and the head apparently sounds totally different.