Hi all. I have a Cort bass with Select by EMG pick-ups with this setup.
My problem is my 9v batteries keep getting drained in like a week or so. I never was really into bass guitar but our new bassist could use it and I'd like to know what I can do to fix this.
Thanks in advance.
Do you unplug the bass when you're done using it?

EDIT: Never mind, passive pickups. Somebody else should have a better answer.
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Well I don't know if they are passive or not but I do unplug the bass after using it.
I reckon there's probably just a bit of wire touching somewhere it shouldn't inside.

If you have a peek into the electronics cavity, have a look for any messy solder joints or wires touching where they shouldn't. Especially around the output jack.

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Are you using rechargeable batteries? - these often do not hold their charge so well over long periods of time, especially cheaper ones.

The pre-amp should turn off when the guitar is unplugged, my guess is that there is a fault here or in the wiring. The pickups themselves are only passive and shouldn't be the cause of any battery drainage.
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I don't use rechargeable batteries. We keep buying new batteries to record our songs because it's the best bass guitar available we have.

My brother told me he already checked for bad solder joints and he has more experience with guitar tinkering than I do, but I'll have a look myself and see if I can find something. Thanks for the help.