http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F7_uJ9xl7I drums are FL Studio 9 because I don't have a drum set or a drummer, all else is mine. I'd love to hear some critique particularly of the recording quality, I already know my voice is rubbish and the tone on the bass and drums are pretty bad. Can't promise I'll C4C but I'll certainly try and give you a listen.


you can find more about my music at facebook.com/mimicthefrench , should you wish.
I like the guitar riffs. Singing is OK. The layered vocals sound more impressive (good) than the single vocals. Drums sound cheesy. I bought EZDrummer at a screaming deal for $30 at Guitar Center, it's usually about $120, but still worth it. Overall audio quality is OK, but could be better. Lead guitar is pretty good. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks! Yeah, I'm still learning about how to make my drums sound a bit better - do you think maybe just going for a straight electronic feel with them would be better, instead of the bad simulation? that's what I'm leaning towards with the song I'm writing now.
I love the guitar tone you've got going here! The guitar playing is decent, there's nothing too flashy going on here which I think suits the song nicely. The sound is quite clear, I wouldn't change a thing with the guitar tracks.

The drums are quite 'clicky', which is a problem when using programs like this to do the drums. A good way around this without throwing down money on a good drum program is to look to see if there are different samples for each part of the drum. When a real drummer is playing, he will get different sounds depending on where, how hard, and how fast he hits something. This is especially noticeable on the hi hats. If you have different 'hits' going throughout your song you'll end up with a more natural sound to the drumming.

You'll hear what I mean if you check out any of the songs in my sig, I try and change up what hi-hat sound is being used on each hit (especially during fast sections, that is when it is most noticeable)

Oh yeah, I see what you mean. I'm not touching that song any more, but I'll definitely try that on my new music. The other thing is that I'm going to be layering two sets of drum tracks for the newer stuff - the more straightforward, realistic-ish drums, and then some more electronic, clicky drums that'll sit lower in the mix, to fill out the sound. And thanks for the comments about the guitar tracks, it took ages for me to get those to sound right (and about 100 takes on that solo, which is really way beyond my usual abilities).