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Ok, so I'm looking for a new acoustic and I really would like to start getting into fingerstyle. I was curious to know what makes certain guitars better (or at least more suitable) for this style of playing?

I was really thinking of buying a Cole Clark fl2ac, but I'm still looking, any suggestions?

budget <=$1500
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Don't what's available on your side of the pond but my advice would be to get to the shops etc and try as many as you can, they vary so much in feel and sound. Buy an unknown brand if it feels and sounds good. I like lag guitars but they can be hard on the fingers due to the scale length.
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a couple things that make for good fingerstyle guitars: a wider nut and string spacing, and a guitar responsive enough to sound good when plucked lightly. more guitars have a 1 11/16" nut than any other size, but for fingerstyle, that's usually too narrow. also many guitars are built to take someone strumming very hard with a pick, or are overbuilt to be less likely to break. this is usually done for warranty reasons, but doesn't make for a good fingerstyle guitar. the rest is all about your own preferences in tone and feel. i like a shorter scale because less string tension makes for easier playing.

don't know the nut width on the cole clark fl2ac, but it's a great sounding guitar. assuming it's got a 1 3/4" nut or a little bigger, it would do fine. there are many fine guitars in your price range - why not spend a day in your local guitar stores and see what sounds and feels best to you?
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Patticake provides good advice (as usual) re: nut width and responsiveness.

An alternative to some of the better known brands that should be available at your budget is a Larrivee L-03. The "L" body shape has a slimmer waist than most dreadnoughts, making it comfortable to play and less bass-heavy than most full-sized guitars. It has excellent responsive across bass, mids and treble. Well worth checking out in your search: in my view, an -03 series Larrivee can get you some of the high-end all-solid-wood tone of the better manufacturers at a lower price point.

Of course, buy what feels good in your own hands!

Happy hunting!
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Thanks, I really appreciate everyones help... I'd like to check out a few breedlove's too, any suggestions?