It's sort of well known and hated. I think it might appeal to certain people but its too......modern...And most guitarists that can afford that have their own pedals which they like and would probably be better than the ones built in. Too expensive though......

Although, Robot tuners FTW!

If you want more info/demos/reviews look up rob chappers demo of it. He did a really good job and explained things from a *not a millionaire* logical guitarists' standpoint.
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It's just to much for me.

All the guitar tones I like the most were created with the basics. All the computers and crazy effects built into the guitar make it seem over done. Plus half the fun of playing guitar is choosing which pedals and set ups you want to get a particular sound.

I don't know. On the other hand the self tuning is a pretty sweet tool.

All in all not my kind of style man.
Old news, its cool though ugly.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb7G6KbwCpE I think this video demonstrates it better though.

I think robot tuners are pretty awesome even though Gibson seems to only put them on ugly guitars.
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I think we reached our quota for threads complaining about the Firebird X a few months ago.