As some of you may remember (or not), I have a Special Edition Strat that was given to me. The main issue is that I don't know what makes it "Special" other than color. Anyway, to the point... I was looking at my Strat and I noticed that it had an odd figuring on the neck, different than that of my Jag. The headstock is somewhat speckled around the edges and has many small, closely placed "stripes", if you will. The side of the neck has an almost quilt type appearance.
So, my question is this; is this a regular Fender maple neck? Or something different?
If you could take a picture that would help a lot. Sounds like it might be a birds eye figure.

EDIT - Took me awhile to decide what to say lol. Can't get the pictures to come up larger but I'm going to say it's just quarter sawn. It's the way to wood is cut out of the log.
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Thanks! I was just looking at the neck on my Strat and Jag and saw they're different, though they're both maple. Either way, I still love it!