Finally got around to recording a new song, with some better equipment. Well, except for a better mic for vocals. Could use some leads, but at the moment have no one to do them for me, and I am pretty much incapable of writing a guitar solo haha. Anyways, hope you guys like it.

C4C of course.

This is a really cool riff, reminds me of some of the stuff I used to write/listen to back in my metal days. Aaron aardvark was right about the playing needing to be tighter, there were sections where the guitar was slightly out of time.

The drum beat does fit the song, but I wasn't fond of their tone too much (actually upon further listening it's really only the bass drum I don't like too much)

One last little tip, as it doesn't sound like you did this (at least through my crappy speakers it doesn't ), but doubletrack those guitars! Makes a huuuge difference in the overall sound of your recording. Record each guitar track twice, and pan them 100% to each side. It makes a very full sound through both channels rather than a thinner one coming through the center channel.

Overall a pretty decent metal track!
Thanks man. I used EZdrummer DFH for the drums, but I used the default samples that came with it, so I could have experimented with that a bit more. Also, no I never double tracked the guitar parts, though thanks for the suggestion. I'll be sure to do that in the final mix for sure, I did have the guitars both panned 100% to each side though.
I liked the guitar and drums, though it did sound a little distant? Is thin the right word? The vocals...well, I love screaming, growling metal vocals but I've only heard about 2 guys ever who I thought could get away with that style of singing through a whole song other than belting out a few occasional lines like that. I did not understand even one word of the lyrics. Personal preference, of course. That said, I liked it quite a bit over all.

I don't think they're can be much said that hasn't already been before. Work on timing just a little more, they drag a just. Same thing with the vocals, I'd also lower them by just a few db so they don't overpower everything else on the mix. Guitars also just need to be a touch louder, not too much but to where you can hear them a bit. Also it clips in places, especially when the cymbals are used, I'd lower the overall volume of the master. I'm just nitpicking, but with some work this can sound really good, I'm pretty sure there's room for improvement here. Keep it up though, it can only get better.
Nice heavy intro to get your head bopping. Your quality is slightly poor but the overall thing can be ignored for now . You could fix allot ofyour mixes by using allot of EQ. Ozone is a good one to brighten up any track just use two guitars panned.

Happy moshing!