Hey guys, I've got a setup right now where I run a guitar through my pedalboard, at the end of which is a looping pedal, then into an amp. I use an octave pedal to make basslines, but it was too bassy for my guitar amp and started to sound bad so I've been trying to go directly from my looping pedal to some speakers. Even on speakers, though (or headphones,) when I'm playing a loop with bass and percussion (banging on the guitar) the whole sound kind of fuzzes out, especially on the higher frequency guitar parts using more effects.

I'm going to be doing the same thing I'm doing live by plugging into a P.A. so I'd like to figure out how to get a cleaner sound. Does anyone know any effects or tricks I could use? I feel like the audio signal could be cleaned up somehow as the problem might have something to do with how muddled everything gets when it's a bunch of raw input from the guitar looped together.
Generally guitar pedals into a PA are going to be harsh because of the lack of cabinet emulation. However if it sounds fine without the bass but bad with that isn't the problem. The looper is just supposed to be a recorder that overdubs. It may be the type of looper that's the problem. When asking about equipment you should always post what it is.