Wassup UG! Here's my last videogame rock cover, the song from the Western Land map in Mario Party 2. I love so much this melody, and all the arrangements in the original version.

I really appreciate some feedback on the mixing (if you know what you are talking about)

Hope you like it! Thank you very much



OF COURSE feel free to leave a link for me to crit
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Hi man, and thanks for your comment on my Whole Lotta Love I checked out your Mario Party video and it sounds awesome. Couldn't find any guitar playing, sound, or video flaw. I would recommend you to do something original in your videos now (dance, do funny stuff, ...) to get more views now Really well done. I am going to listen to it again and leave a thumbs up.
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Yup, awesome cover. Playing is great as always from you, quality is good too. Brings back some memories, pretty cool stuff. Keep up the good work and thanks for the crit!