I wrote a song with midi drums in Logic using Logic's drum kits. Now I want to use Battery 3 instead but when I load it in the midi notes aren't playing correctly because Battery uses a different drum map. Is there a way to make it use Logic's map instead? I'm only 3 months in with midi and it's still really confusing. I just assumed there would be a standard drum map for everything
Drums are pretty standard, but sometimes Battery can swap a few sounds (especially if there are 4 or 5 different snares for the kit). Also if you are using a set that didn't come with batter people who set it up don't really thing things threw.

Take the Kick note and stick it on C3 for Battery 3 piano roll. And your drums should line up perfect. If not find the off sounds and move them sharp or flat a note and you should find what your looking for.

Battery 3 is a very powerful sampler, I suggest learning it if you can.
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Oh I'm loving the sounds of it do far. It was just kind of annoying that Logic's map and Battery didn't line up. All of a sudden my kick drum turned into hand claps and whistles lol! At the moment I found out how to use the "learn" button on Battery to change the note to match with Logic so I don't have to move the midi I've already written. Is there a way to make a custom drum map that can be loaded into every midi program? Seems like that would make life much easier