Hello all there, I'm looking to either sell my beloved Washburn T24 bass or trade it. The reason why I'm selling is because I really don't play it much anymore. I'm also wanting to play acoustic guitar more often then anything. The bass also comes with a brand new Acoustic B200, soft shell gig bag, strap, and chord. (The strap is the police do not cross in the picture.) The amp is a 200 watt amp so its perfect for gigging, although mine has never left the house.

I'm looking to get $700 out of it. I would be willing to go down on the price alittle bit but not much. Or I would like to trade it for a Taylor 314CE, nice Martin, or a higher Seagull. I'd also throw in $150 USD into the trade.

Washburn T24 : http://s269.photobucket.com/albums/jj70/Nickynick_album/?action=view&current=102_0621.jpg

Acoustic B200 : http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/profile_mojo_data/2/6/7/5/267554/pics/_c540456_image_0.jpg (Not the actual photo but like I said before its brand new)

Also please Paypal only. I will provide more photos if asked.