I recently acquired the Ibanez RG350MZ in Roadster Green.
Though I'd much rather have the yellow model, I didn't have much of a choice as it was a trade in.
Personally, I love how well this guitar plays, and the quality is decent for being made in Indonesia.
And the Edge Zero II, though I don't use tremolos often, stays in tune well.
But since my opinion is biased, I want to know what others think of these models, with the Edge Zero II, do you think they're good guitars, and do you think the new bridge has quality to it, perhaps a better bridge than the Edge III?
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Time will tell

Apparently so.
And the year's almost over, and there's hardly any reviews out.
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From what I've heard the Edge Zero II trems preform well, but are not up to standards of the Japanese made variants. They are definitively better than the Edge Pro 2 and the Edge 3 models but not as good as the Edge or Edge Pro models.

The good thing is that it can be swapped out for a higher-end Edge Zero trem.
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