Hey pit,
I've got nothing better to do on Friday night then to clean/rearrange my room before I have people over tomorrow. Anyway, my room is unusual to most people because of the way it's decorated. It's a double long room. On one long wall I have Nightmare on Elm Street stuff that takes up the whole wall, the other long wall I have all my guitar/music posters and instruments and desk. The short wall has all my boxing gear and boxing/Rocky posters, and the other has all my Canada stuff on it.

Does anyone else have this weird OCD like thing where you have to have different themes on different walls? I feel it's a bit weird but whatever...
I do love rearranging my room but my current set up at school is too small to have more than one 'theme'. got two guitars on one wall, a magnet/dry-erase board on one, a skyline poster of brooklyn bridge, and boondock saints poster on the other beside the window.

Although I do have a bunch of licence plates lining the top of my wall on the window wall... it's nice.
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The closest thing I am to OCD is with posters, in that I somehow unintentionally arrange them so that their eye-lines seem to match up with another poster.
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