I've been dwelling into some jazz lately, and I can remember the chord shapes but I can't remember their names! Can anyone share some exercises on how to remember their names? It's really weird cos my fingers get used to the chord shapes really quick but I have an extremely tough time remembering their names, like a m6, or a maj7, etc etc.
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figure out what the chord is based on the intervals present, and you'll know what the name is. once you know why something is the way it is, it'll help you remember
Mrwiggles35 is right. This will also help you find new chords faster. You should get yourself to the point where you can recognize those intervals by sight. It takes some time to master this, but it's well worth it.
Well, since chord names are directly derived from either major and/or minor scale, all you need to know is the intervals of the major and minor scale in that key. Little pattern knowledge help. Obvious ones to pickup on is the 5th and the octave. Then you can use your 3-note-per-string knowledge to quickly find the 3rd and 4th notes just below your 5th; and 6th and 7th just below your octave.

Edit: The name thing starts of as either a major, or a minor. The deciding factor is usually the presence of the 3rd and 7th and sometimes the 6th. Without the active notes, its simply a sus chord. The rest is usually just naming added notes and what not.


^ for example, if broken down; root, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 11th of a C major, therefore a Cadd9,11 chord basically.
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