So I've recently purchased a Warlock, it was an unexpected buy and I only purchased it because it was extremely cheap. Personally I dislike the guitar a lot, the pickups are absolute shockers, it won't stay in tune, the neck is uncomfortable and the guitar is just cheaply made. Even with this guitar being horrible this thread isn't made to hate on the bronze series, the reason why I'm making this thread is because there are some strange things going on with the guitar.

The bridge and neck seem to have some issues and with this getting the guitar fully intonated is near impossible, without raising the bridge to an unplayable level. When I first got the guitar I set up the bridge and pickups, as they were very highly set up. While doing this I saw that bolts that hold/adjust the bridge were on an angle, I'm not 100% if this is something wrong or just something that B.C. Rich's have but it seemed odd. The truss rod appears to have created a lot of relief and it has bowed normally this isn't much of a problem but, whenever I try to tighten up the truss rod, absolutely nothing happens.

I'm not really sure where I am supposed to go from here, as I haven't really come across something this bad before. This isn't my only guitar and it means very little to me so selling it is an option. Please take look at the pictures and all comments/suggestions are appreciated.

Also, this is my first ever post on Ultimate-guitar, so sorry in advance if I seem like a bit of a noob :p
Full view (shrunk).jpg
Bowed neck.jpg
Owned bridge.jpg
24th fret.jpg
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Yep, that's very typical in BC Rich bronze series guitars in my experience. Terrible guitars.
I'd wish you luck but you've done all you can.

Try selling it to some kid who likes its brutal shape and buy a better guitar.

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Yeah I've been considering selling it, I guess there really isn't much point of keeping it. Thanks for the reply also.
strip it for parts and get a better guitar
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I'd say just give it a nice paintjob/pinstripes or something, and just have it as a wall decoration or something. Would look cool anyways
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The neck and bridge angle is suppose to be like that on this model. Mine is the same way though im not having the intonation issues and I personally think the neck is very comfortable for me. But if your truss rod isnt working right then I wouldnt bother with it.

If you dont like it then just sell it, theres no point in keeping a guitar you dont like. But if you want to try to make it some thing you would actually like try switching to a TOM bridge of course you will have to drill some holes for the stop bar. Toss in some decent pickups and shim the neck.
Just set up the guitar. My bronze series stays in tune better than my gibson (the gibson has been set up by professionals and it rarely comes out of tune. The screws in the bridge won't let you flip the saddles to help the intonation. The intonation does suck. But I've tightened the coils to make them sound better. Necks are great feeling though. It is a cheap guitar, and for a cheap one it's good.
I agree with kai29 of course a new bridge will help with the intonation issue. As I suggested to you I myself am planning to put a gibson style TOM on mine, im going with GFS's new all brass model.

But again if there really is some thing wrong with the truss rod then I would have to say it is not really worth keeping. But as for the steep neck pocket I really did not like it when I first say it on mine but after playing I realized that cause of the neck being that way that I actually had more fret access than I did with the AANJ that was on my RG's.
It's good to hear that the bridge and neck is supposed to be on that angle, I wasn't really sure.

With the guitar the main difficulty is setting it up and that was basically the main reason why I made this thread, to ask if anyone else had these problems setting it up and what I could do about it.
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