Hey guys, I'm Charles. I write a hell of a lot of music, generally heavier stuff, but when I decided to write some slower songs for a change I really liked how they came out.

Taking influence from Explosions In The Sky, God Is An Astronaut and This Will Destroy You, the result was Lights In The Snow. I know it's not perfect, some might say it sounds a little too similar to the bands already mentioned, and I know that. But I'd like to think I could take it somewhere.

As it's a solo project, everything was recorded by me in my bedroom, using programmed drums and synths and recorded guitars. I've just put out a 'single' of sorts, with two songs. Sometime in December I'll put out a full EP, hopefully sounding better and cleaner.

Thanks for checking it out (if you bothered), like the Facebook page, add it to your Last FM library, whatever!


Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, and you do have a very distinctive sound. Similar to the bands you mentioned, but not overly so.. Gave you a like on FB.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it