Can't think of any examples to save my life, nor even what kind of genre this would be classed as (hence why I haven't put it in the specific music section)

But i'm trying to find some big, atmospheric songs, like get used on say, technology adverts

If anyone knows any, that'd be marvellous

Anything by Brian Eno really. Especially from the "apollo" album.
Ambient music.
Steve Roach.

For technology advert style i'd recommend Global Communication, they're more techno-ambient than traditional ambient.
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Sigur Ros do a lot of soundscapey stuff, some of it "bigger" than the rest. Maybe some Mogwai too?
Sunn O)))

I'm not sure if that's the MUSIC you want to hear I suppose, in fact if you don't like them you would hardly even consider it music, but, in terms of atmosphere, Ambient is hard to beat.
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Sigur Ros
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
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