Hi people, can anyone tell me the sonic differences between the Original Crybaby GCB95 and the Crybaby Classic GCB95F?

And which one sounds better with high distortion?

I play primarily heavy metal so any tips and advice would be good.

Thanks guys!

BTW I watched the comparison on youtube by gearmandude but I need some other opinions... so yeah.
As Rob said, the GCB-95F uses a Fasel Inductor, which offers a sweeter sounding wah, but isn't worth the massive price jump.

Your best bet is to jump on eBay or Craigslist and find yourself a GCB-95 in good condition for cheap and to have it modified. Modifications are cheap and improve the sound dramatically and save you atleast $100 or more.
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hmmm thanks, but may i know exactly what modifications are needed? Cuz when you say modify, its kinda vague...
I have a standard Crybaby from about '94 and I've preferred it to any other wah I ever tried. It's bog standard so I'm pretty biased against all the hate against them. They're so cheap on Ebay, I can't see how you can go wrong as you can always mod them after.
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Take old parts out. Put new parts in.

Google "crybaby mods," there are a million of them.