Hey guys,

Made this tiny app today.

I called it "Where's My Plectrum". As you can probably guess its an application where you will be able to find your plectrum easily.

Basically here is how it works:
when the application opens you type in where you are about to put your plectrum
you then close the app
if you lose your plectrum/cant remember where you put it
open the application for a quick reminder.
hopefully you find your plectrum.

As I'm old/new here I'll add a virus scan

To download go here:

I don't know if it will be useful to anyone but there :P

It would be better if it had a way to predict the actions of pick gnomes, the real reason we lose our plectrums so easily.
Nice idea! But generally I'll check my pocket and find it with little/no hassle. And if I did need to jot down where I was leaving it, I'd use the 'notes' function on my iPod or, better yet, write it on a piece of paper.
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Notepad? Post it note? Small jar of picks next to guitar stand and/or amp? Huge collection of picks that makes finding the same picks unnecessary?
Usually when people loose picks, it's because they were in a hurry to put their guitar or pick down to do something, and weren't thinking about where they were going to put their pick down. I doubt those same people would have time to open an app and type down were they are going to put their pick down. The other times when people do loose their picks is when they drop it, and the pick falls into a mini black hole, never to be seen again.