take it to the screaming thread. We won't hurt you. Also, nobody wants to download your viruses so either post it to your UG profile or make a youtube account.

We simply don't want to take the time to download crap when the user can put forth a little extra effort to get help .

Do these things and I'll give you a detailed critique (as will others I am certain).
don't listen to merriman, he honestly sounds butthurt here.

your high screams are a bit nasally but would be perfect for metalcore. the low ones seem to lack a bit of body and could use some work.

you're definitely on your way though man, it almost sounds professional
Anexa, I really had no idea. Not always up on tech/software so thanks!

BloodReverance-lol, fair enough if that's what you want to think. We do a lot of reviews for folks in the thread and it just makes it easier when it's all in one place (not to mention its the rules and Axeman closes these threads quickly). Butthurt is a rather strange term is it not?

edit: I took a listen to the clip brudda. Do your lows hurt? I can hear your vocals breaking through the distortion. If you start with an actual note before you perform the low it will really help keep it stable.

The highs are definitely fine for a great start. Keep working at them and they will be killer. I'd like to hear you in a well mixed clip on a decent mic. That would tell us more.
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I meant more butthurt by technology, not the thread ahah.

as for the thread thing, after there are so many comments on a thread, it's hard for people to actually keep track of things and many people don't get responses
Thanks for the opinions guys I'll be uploading the clip to my profile soon anyway My lows dont hurt no but I can't sustain them for too long not as in my voice cant handle it I just mean I need to work on the pressure I release when screaming so I can drag a single low scream out longer I sound much better now and I have a studio mic so I'll record some stuff and put it up in the next few days thanks for the opinions guys
Thanks Merriman Yeah I'm actually the lead singer of a Metalcore/Alt Metal band called Scream for Reverence