Hey guys! So people have been telling me to cover a Coldplay song pretty often. I decided to give it a shot and this was the result. I sped it all up a tad and moved the key up a half step (I think..). I sorta made it my own.


So just give me your critism. Maybe like or subcribe to my Youtube Channel if you wanna hear more from me? Thanks!

Why pluck just one string when you can...

You have a nice voice, especially for this type of thing. A good level of finesse and a good deal of confidence in that respect, comes across really well. Singing is in tune for the most part, but the humming section at the end was a little off. Nothing major.

In terms of the guitar the picking pattern you used was a little simpler than the original, I think more attention to dynamics would go a long way here. You basically play the same throughout the entire thing, I'd definitely have picked up toward the end and maybe altered the picking pattern. I also noticed you hang on chords for a little too long on occasion - so maybe try and make the chord changes smoother - again that's probably something to do the difficulties of singing whilst playing.

Overall I thought it was great! Good work.

Could you take a look at this for me?


Many thanks.