Okay, so I have my guitar in Eb tuning, and Guitar Pro says the instruments in it are in the same tuning, Eb. But when I play along the Guitar Pro instruments always sound half step lower. Help D:

Also, is there any way to make a backing track with RSE?

Again, my guitar pro always sounds in tune so I can't help with that but in terms of backing tracks, I export tracks as MIDI files and put them through EZ Drummer or GarageBand and jam along. They sound great. It's how I demo all my band's songs.
Try guitar pro in D#, I know it sounds daft but so is guitar pro sometimes.
You can upload the either the guitar pro file or a video of you playing your Eb guitar and we'll set you straight.
Thanks for your suggestions, guys. Here's an interesting development. The tuning is correct when RSE is on, but otherwise it's half a step lower even though it shows Eb as the tuning.

@G!!: I did export->Wave, and recorded the track, but when I played it in Real Player I couldn't hear anything. D: The recorded track was just a file without any extension first, but then I renamed it to a .wav and then it became an audio file. Anything I could do?

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