Yes i will ship internationally, shipping prices not included but they won't be THAT expensive, around 10-20 dollars and that's if the item weighs close to a kilo (i sent a Marshall shredmaster around 900 grams to the US and it cost me 17 dollars)

That said:

I have a Catalinbread DLS, not the new four knob one, the older V2 one with the rock/rawk switch. green in colour, marshally in tone. does anything an old plexi can. 110$ + shipping

Malekko Spring Chicken, pink, no dwell knob: THE best spring reverb emulator, does what it's renowned for. 200$ + shipping

Ibanez CS 505, very lush chorus, makes your cleans sound dreamy, none of that cheezy 80's crap. These go for 150+ usually, mine also has a factory error, show off to your pedal collecting friends! (note the pedal only runs on 18V and was modded to use a boss style power jack instead of the 1/8 ones on early Ibanez pedals)
cosmetics: it's pretty good for a 30-35 year or so pedal, some scratches, the back plate doesn't have the sticker thing. 100$+ shipping

Pearl Phaser, loads of dings, really nice phasing tones, can freeze the phase and manually adjust the phase for a locked kind of cocked wah sound. 50$+ shipping

Catalinbread Limited Edition Montavillian, number 16 of 25 made!
it's a silver model with an awesome blue LED, great sounding tape delay, nails those old tape sounds and does a great job at doing ambience 150$+ shipping

Ibanez CS9 Chorus - not the reissue, this is the real one. some cosmetic dings but it does one hell of a chorus sound. kind of more lush and liquidy then the CS505. 80+ shipping

Please PM me with offers, and no i'm not intrested in trades unless it's an axefx which won't happen anyways. any questions, i'd be happy to help.
Hey bro, I might be interested in that DLS, wonder if i'll have the chance to try it out sometime? I'll PM you now.
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